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Chestnut honey has very specific characteristics and properties. It ‘s dark in color, has a pungent odor and taste very bitter and that is why he is loved by an increasingly larger number of people. Chestnut honey may have a lighter color if the prevalence of nectar, a higher moisture content and odor and flavor more pronounced, and where the honeydew is present in considerable quantity, the color is darker, the lower water content, odor and aroma are less pungent and the taste is less bitter. The color is dark amber and the crystallization is absent or very slow.

It has a characteristic strong smell of undergrowth. The flavor is intense, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

The Prunotto Mariangela organic farm, based in Alba, “capital” of the Langhe hill, for over 20 years cultivate his land by the method of Organic Farming and assisted in the production and control of AIAB / ICEA, famous and seriously certifying body.