Prunotto Apricot Fruit Syrup (Organic)

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Prunotto take care of their Apricots for all the year! They are based in a little but rich region for food. They are in fact in the Langhe hill and we have some land also in the Roero hill.

Only in those regions they are able to produce very important wine such as Barolo, Barbareco or Roero due for the particula micro clima and to the mineral in the soil; it is for that that their fruits is so sweet and so tasty!

Harvested at the right point of ripeness and processed within some hours, add the syrup with Nebbiolo wine and sugar cane. The result is a product that preserve the same characteristics of a fresh product with unique organoleptic properties and enhances the distinctive flavor of this particular variety of apricot.

The addition of Nebbiolo wine enhances these properties.

They are great to taste the natural, or simply opening the jar to make delicious desserts, and ice cream. The syrup is good to drink!

Net Weight: 760 g

Packaging: JAR

Origin: Italy