Prunotto Apricots Compote

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Prunotto take care af our Apricots for all the year! Based in a little but rich region for food. They are infact in the Langhe hill and we have some land also in the Roero hill.

Prunotto cook their best apricot, harvested at the right point of ripeness and processed within some hours.

Adding a little quantity of fructose and we obtain this exceptionnal compote.

Obtaining a completely natural compote with the true flavor of fresh fruit in the traditional Piedmontese way.

The method used is the classic method used since ancient times for the preservation of fruit. The fruit, after being carefully washed and clean, is simply cooked in a pot with the addition of fructose.

 It's great for a rich and healthy breakfast or snack during the day!

Net Weight: 345 g

Packaging: JAR

Origin: Italy