Grilled Artichokes In Oil

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Fresh artichokes of selected quality, cut in half and quarters, grilled.

● Artichokes from Italy(Puglia). Italy is the world's largest producer of artichokes and southern regions of Puglia in particular, are those most suited to the natural geographic features - weather.
● Working from fresh: the artichoke is harvested and processed only during the campaign (from March to early May) when the season naturally provides excellent organoleptic characteristics (thus, rather artichokes prepared with raw material or frozen or preserved in brine)
● Looks very nice: the screening performed in order to maintain color and crispness in the artichoke, together with the cut in quarters and halves, giving the product a very pleasing aspect.
● Format: The pack of 1 kg allows easy use (the product is used as it is) and convenient by bars or small restaurant that having small spaces (small area with a "kitchen" and a small store) requiring small formats to be opened and consumed within a short time. The product is therefore well suited for bars that want to serve tapas to accompany aperitifs or prepare bruschetta.

Net Weight: 800 g