Prunotto Partridge Eye Lentils

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After a careful selection of seeds, Prunotto has selected this particular variety of lentils.

Lentils are the seeds of a seedling annual herb native to Asia and the Mediterranean, belonging to the family Papilionaceae. Their botanical name “lens” comes from the shape of the lens to suit. The fruit is a pod containing two or three short rectangular shaped seeds lenticular, flattened and vary in color from yellow to green to brown.

Fun-Fact: It is considered auspicious to eat a plate of lentils at dinner year end when they join the knuckle, and especially the value assigned to ward off evil: this is due to the ancient custom of giving at year end, a purse (the typical bag to store coins) filled with lentils. The hope was that each grain is transformed into money, thus making it rich and the lucky recipient of your gift.

The Partridge Eye Lentils can be used directly without putting them to soak. They are among the fastest cooking legumes. They require no prior soaking.

Cooking time: traditional: 10/15 min.

Net Weight: 500 g

Packaging: JAR

Origin: Italy