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The trade name of “forest honey” or “Wild honey” identifies a product of teamwork between bees and other insects which, piercing the bark of trees, lime trees, chestnut trees… they spring up that precious sap “honeyed “and scatter the flowers and leaves surrounding.

Prunotto produces this honey in bringing their bees in uncultivated forests of the Langhe and Roero, which in summer give a good production of this particular honey.

It has a dark amber color, sometimes almost pitch and is presented almost everywhere in the liquid state. The aroma is intense with savour of vegetable, fruit, jam overcooked, green tomatoes, fig jam.

In the mouth the flavor is full, aromatic, slightly sweet than nectar honeys, almost salty for some, interesting for its aromatic complexity. The aroma, in fact, recalls the smell of tomato sauce and fig jam, but surprising malty flavor, with dates, of brick.

The complex aromas of this honey can pleasantly surprise when pair to medium-textured cheese, dry cheese, not too fat, or a Pecorino di Pienza, but it looks good even in accompaniment with the noble Castelmagno cheese.

The Prunotto Mariangela organic farm, based in Alba, “capital” of the Langhe hill, for over 20 years cultivate his land by the method of Organic Farming and assisted in the production and control of AIAB / ICEA, famous and seriously certifying body.