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Parmigiano Reggiano DOP produced with milk from Rossa Italiana cows. The milk of Red Cows of Reggiana’s breed has some qualitative characteristics that differ from the traditional Parmigiano-Reggiano. The Red Cow produces a third less of milk than the Holstein breed, but it has a higher performance in the chesse-making process. In particular in the Red Cows milk there is a variation of the casein, the essential protein in the process of transforming the milk in cheese, that guarantees a better aptitude for the cheese to a long ageing, with a consequent better digestibility.

Origin: Italy - Emilia Romagna

Raw Material: Semi-skimmed raw milk obtained exclusively from the milking of Rossa  Italiana cows

Taste: Despite the long ageing, has a sweet, delicate and persistent taste. Moreover, also the organoleptic features are different. Characteristic is the straw yellow colour, the elasticity of the grain, the strong but delicate aroma

Maturing: At least 24 months