Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

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● Selected peppers: for excellent level of ripeness, for firm and fleshy consistency so as to guarantee a sweet, ideal taste.
● Great size of the layers which testifies to the use of raw material of first choice.
● A particular roasting technique that gives the characteristic note of roasted taste, in an unobtrusive way, preserving the original flavor of the pepper.
● Absence of skin: the particular processing followed for the preparation of this product allows to remove the skin of the peppers, keeping the flaps intact.
● Natural preparation: the solution in which the peppers are governed, obtained with water and a little salt, enhances the typical characteristics of the raw material together with those of the particular preparation (pleasant taste of roasting).
● High service content: this is a product already prepared and then ready to use to be served as it is, but also customizable as desired.

Net Weight: 760g