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Classical fresh caciotta cheese.

In December 1938 the Caseificio Cooperativo del Cansiglio, in Fregona (TV) was founded with the purpose of collecting milk from local breeders and transforming it into cheese for them. In 1991 this dairy merged Latteria Sociale Turnaria di Ogliano e Scomigo and the AGRIMONTANA COOPERATIVA DELLE PREALPI TREVIGIANE E DEL CANSIGLIO was founded. During the years the dairy has been renovated, and new machines have been installed, to be able to bear the brunt of working a superior amount of milk. During the year 2001 the Agrimontana dairy merged with the Caseificio Sociale Cooperativo di S. Martino di Colle Umberto, and on this occasion the name was altered to AGRICANSIGLIO. At the moment the 40 breeders give about 90-100 quintals of milk per day.

Origin: Italy - Veneto

Raw Material: Fresh full cream cow's milk, pasteurized

Taste: The taste is round, smooth, creamy, milky and dolce and the aftertaste is creamy, pleasant and dolce

Maturing: At least 10 days

Serving Suggestion: Eaten with any type of vegetables, but also very good with olives, pears, apples and grapes