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In late summer when our Langhe hills and Piemontese Alps “give us” the best porcini mushrooms, we produce this delicious sauce.

All ingredients are selected carefully cleaned and cooked in respect of the most traditional recipes. The end result is a product extremely tasty characterized by high amounts of Porcini mushrooms used.

It is a sauce ready to use, you just have to heat and add to your pasta. Like all of our products are ready to use, or by adding it directly on pasta or to enjoy on the bruschetta.

Sugo funghi porcini Prunotto


Elementary information

Name of the product: Porcini Mushroom pasta sauce

Category: Pasta sauce

Net weight: 215 g.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, onions, wine, mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, parsley.


Raw material

Origin: Piemonte

Variety: Tomato

Period of harvest: June / September

Way of picking: by hand