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With our best  Pere Madernassa grow in our orchards in Alba and in the Langhe hill, we get this particular sauce.

This sauce is great on pasta, for boiled meats and on bruschetta.

Produced with more than 60% fruit allows to obtain a sauce particular and very light, suitable for many uses in the kitchen.

To dress the pasta will be enough to heat the required amount and add to pasta. Quick and very tasty … …

It is produced from fruits and vegetables that we collect at the right point of ripeness. All ingredients are grown in Alba worked after a few hours, giving a very special flavor sauce.

Elementary information

Name of the product: Pear Pasta Sauce

Category: Sauces

Net weight: 215 g.

Ingredients: Pears, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, salt, herbs.


Raw material

Origin: Piemonte

Variety: Madernassa Pear

Way of cultivation: organic certified

Date of the harvest: end September

Way of picking: by hand


Varietal characteristics

The Madernassa Pear is a variety named thanks a small village of Vezza d’Alba, a town very close to Alba, the capital of the Langhe and Roero outside (the location is very close to Azienda Agricola Prunotto Mariangela, about 3 km).